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We are about 30 volunteers, working since 2013 to create a self-managed collective housing project for 250 young people. Inspired by the former Collegium Academicum (CA), which existed in Heidelberg until the 1970s, we want to create a place that makes it possible for students, trainees and doctoral students to live cheaply, self-managed and to experiment with cooperative and ecological forms of living. Our aim is to make democracy tangible, to encourage cultural and social exchange and to foster civic engagement, all in a context of mutual education. The first 176 residents are expected to move into the building - currently under construction - in August 2022. The construction of the solid wood building takes place on the site of the former US barracks "US Hospital" in Heidelberg-Rohrbach (Baden-Württemberg, Germany). Here, you can see how many of our 176 future residents we have chosen already - apply now via our application form!

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How to support the project?

With innovative wooden construction and creative conversion, a new living space is being built on land previously used by the military. The project is called Collegium Academicum and it will provide not only affordable accommodation for over 200 young people but also give room for creative ideas and lively exchange. More...

Interdisciplinary program, orientation year and project-based learning: the educational concept of the CA involves various academic subjects and deals with the big picture – it encourages critical thinking and fosters initiative. More...

Sustainable thinking right from the start! Resource-aware solutions are at the center of both structural design of the house and future building operations. In community life, the keyword to our sustainability concept is sufficiency. It means to be able to focus on things and objects that really matter in life and to find ways to treat the environment in a responsible manner. More...

Self-development through autonomy! The CA is a democratic, self-managed organisation with structures that are transparent and built on consensus. This is what makes us independent, community-oriented and openminded. More...

Our project is supported on a collective basis through many contributors. In terms of funding, we want to be as open as possible by providing an overview of the costs and funding contributions. More...

What our supports say about us:

Der Feuer Voigl

You share our vision of a self-managed house community and you would like to contribute to its realization?

Support us with a direct loan.

Der Fertig Voigl

You are interested in moving into the CA in August 2022 and to participate in the self-management?